egg separators

If you love baking and have a soft spot in your heart for everything sweet, then you have probably seen recipes that ask for some confusing ingredients such as “two large eggs, and four egg yolks” or “six egg whites, and two egg yolks” etc. Still, we do not question it as long as we get to enjoy the sugary goodness at the end of it all.

However, dealing with these ingredients can be a drag, especially when it comes to the eggs. Whether you use the trick with the two eggshells or simply try to scoop up the egg yolk with your hands, there is bound to be some sort of slippage that prevents the egg yolk and white from separating. This can very well offset the entire consistency and balance of your dish. However, there is no need to aspanic because we have just the thing for you!


All About Egg Separators

We here at eggseparators.com aim to recommend the best available products on the market so that you can pick and choose the ones that suit you best. Egg separators come in handy in small home kitchens, as well as bigger bakery conglomerates owing to their convenience and ease of use.

It is typically shaped like a tea strainer, wherein you can simply crack the egg over the rounded part of the separator. The yolk will stay on the surface while the egg white seeps through the sieve-like gaps into the container beneath it.


Features of an Egg Separators

Most egg separators have a rounded central surface on which the egg is to be cracked and some surrounding crevices through which the egg white can slip through. They are mostly made out of materials such as metal, plastic, and sometimes even silicone.


Types of Egg Separators

Egg separators have a variety of different designs, shapes, and sizes. Most egg separators on the market have a shape similar to that of the aforementioned strainer. This separator can be fitted on top of most bowls and containers, leaving your hands free for the sole purpose of cracking the egg on top of it. However, with time, some newer models have also surfaced on the market.

A popular version is that of the shape of one half of a Kinder egg that can also be anchored to the side of a bowl. Other than that, there is the model shaped such much like a squeeze toy, with a small opening at one of its ends. To use this, you would crack an egg as you normally would and then suck out the egg yolk from the egg white by squeezing the separator and letting it do its work. 



Baking can be tricky, especially for beginners, so we want to make sure that you do not run into any problems simply because of a couple of eggs. With these neat new tools, we guarantee you will end up with picture perfect desserts every time!